What is an ELN?

ELN stands for Electronic Lab Notebook

Since the earliest days of scientific experimentation, scientists working in many disciplines have recorded their experiments, keeping track of what they used, how they used it, and the results achieved. Careful documentation of samples, equipment, procedures, and observations were manually recorded for the sake of accuracy and to ensure that important work could be reproduced in future. Paper and pen were the tools of choice.

Today, technology has given us an alternative to taping or gluing printouts of results to paper notebooks.

In our age of digital data, the paper notebook has given way to the ELN — the Electronic Lab Notebook. The ELN is much more than just a software replica of the earlier paper format: It is a multi-functional tool that quickly and accurately imports data, notes, observations, and results from a computer or mobile device. An ELN can easily “talk” to different types of lab equipment, and store the data they generate. The ELN can be integrated with a LIMS (a Laboratory Information Management System), to become a powerful management tool for any scientific lab, large or small.

Benefits of an ELN

The most advanced ELN have brought on the market real improvements in terms of:

  • Simplifying overall data management
  • Incorporating one-click, easy search functions
  • Facilitating collaboration and sharing within teams and outside the laboratory
  • Automating the integration of data from all sources
  • Safeguarding the availability of data
  • Meeting legal, regulatory, technical, and scientific requirements

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A clear added value of SLIMS is the seamless integration of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and ELN functionalities in one platform.

It’s a fully-featured solution tailored for YOUR lab including a complete Electronic Laboratory Notebook with Workflows and Order Management modules for all your experiments.
Get the facts! Check out our ELN page in the SLIMS Features section of the web site.

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Web-based LIMS

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Permissions Management

  • Secure Access
  • User Restrictions
  • Functionality Access
  • Group/Project Management

Electronic Lab Notebook

  • ELN / Dynamic ELN
  • Rich Text Editor
  • SOPs
  • Drag & Drop attachments

Workflow Management

  • Flexible Protocols
  • Custom Workflows
  • Runs Management
  • Mixing/Demultiplexing

Sample Management

  • Custom content types
  • Sample tracking
  • Location Management
  • Derivation, Aliquoting, Mixing, ...