What is a LIMS ?

LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management Systems are software platforms designed to enhance the operations of modern laboratories. They help them to move from paper to a digital environment by streamlining operations with the goal of saving both time and money.

In today’s world, modern labs can process more samples than ever, subsequently generating huge amounts of data. Beyond the complexity of the bench lies a web of analytical and interpretation platforms with which scientists analyze data. All of which needs to be organized and associated with its respective sample. Additionally, each sample needs to be associated with its respective processing batch, order number, and metadata information. The organizational needs surrounding the increasing number of samples and data creates the impetus to migrate from a paper based system into a digital management platform that is flexible and can support the science of today.

What will a LIMS do for my lab?

What exactly will a LIMS do for my lab? A true LIMS should provide you with solutions for the many different aspects of sample and workflow management that are needed. It should support the entire process from tracking samples as they enter a laboratory, collecting all of their associated data and compiling said data for a final report. On top of that, it should be able to automate processes, integrate with lab equipment, offer security, compliance, and, most of all, scalability. Any lab with a reasonable volume of samples, data, processes and results will benefit from having a professional LIMS as a digital management platform to support its environment.

How will SLIMS help me with
my lab?

SLIMS is not only a software platform used in a laboratory, it’s a Lab Companion for everyone. In today’s world of digital assistants, it is a digital Team Member that supports the organization of the lab by freeing up time and energy for everyone, ultimately helping to advance your science. And if you run a lot of routine task, just close your eyes and let SLIMS handle the heavy lifting with a couple of clicks.

Try SLIMS with your lab team !