Would you like to track every aspect of your workflow from start to finish?
Never lose a sample again with complete workflow transparency?

With SLIMS you can personalize your workflow based on how YOUR LAB works!

SLims provides you with a complete workflow solution.
The platform easily integrates with protocols and external analysis platforms.

Workflows Management

With SLIMS you can create your personalized workflow.
But, what is a workflow in SLIMS?

Workflows are defined as a collection of protocols utilized to process samples in their respective environments.

In the lab world samples lie in two states of existence inside a workflow: either in a protocol queue waiting to be processed or in a protocol being processed. The SLIMS platform allows you to model both states for complete visibility. Protocols are separated by queues providing you maximal oversight and scheduling capacity for your next batch. Once samples enter a protocol you can track them through every step of the process inside a workflow either by name, barcode, or electronic notebook record. Additionally, workflows in SLIMS allow you to create divergent points for any sample to be processed via different protocols in parallel, all visible and traceable in your lab.

With SLIMS you can customize your workflow with personalized protocols and queues.

The samples come in the workflow through an order, and will be processed in the workflow in different runs. You can follow your samples throughout the workflow with their chain-of-custody and see all the results and procedure applied to the sample.

Order Management

Do you have the need to track samples in an “orderly” fashion?

Another wonderful feature of the SLIMS platform is the Order Management module which allows you to process samples via orders that come in to your lab.

You can create orders, link samples, send them to a workflow, and track their status all in one location! If you perform multiple services like most labs (e.g. NGS preps, molecular tests, etc) you can set up different order types for seamless processing. Our Order Management module is tightly integrated with the rest of the SLIMS platform allowing your team to integrate standardized SOPs, workflows, protocols, analysis, and sample tracking with each order!


Set up custom protocols

Protocols are defined as subunits of a workflow that identify how a task or function is organized in a series of ordered steps.

As part of SOPs they help to organize and define the information recorded during tasks performed in the lab. Anyone who has worked in a lab understands many protocols have identical steps, but they are not always carried out in the same fashion. Some labs capture different information or perform tasks in a slightly different manner than others.

Pooling and Lane Assignment

Pools of samples or pools of sample libraries can be created in SLIMS. Once a pool is created, the list of samples included in a pool can be displayed and reviewed.

Additionally, SLIMS handles Lane assignment. Sample libraries or pools can be dragged and dropped to specific lanes. SLIMS checks barcode ambiguity before it allows sequencing to prevent potential issues.

Library Preparation

NGS plates can be designed easily using drag and drop functionality. Samples can be selected in batch and moved to appropriate positions in the plate, filled either by rows or by columns.

Once the samples are in the NGS plate, one of the pre-configured plate designs can be selected in order to proceed barcode assignment. SLIMS will automatically generate DNA libraries. Customization of libraries can be done by changing indices of selected wells.

At Genohm, we respect this fact and strive to provide a malleable solution that allows you to work the way your lab does. The SLIMS platform allows you to craft technologically agnostic protocols with a variety of data capture mechanisms to represent your protocols, your way!

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