Sample Management

Tired of never finding the sample’s information you are looking for?

Spending hours going through an Excel file until you find your sample?

The sample management features of SLIMS allow a thorough track and trace of any content of your laboratory, from reception, storage, experimentation and exit. SLIMS is fully customizable by you to meet the specific needs of your lab. With the sample management module you are able to manage the logistics of the content of your lab. From defining exact locations to attaching data to any chosen sample, from tracking a sample through a series of experiments to defining pedigrees of genetically-related samples, SLIMS supports you.

We dare you to find a better sample management system! In SLIMS all of your samples are stored in one place with complete accessibility at your fingertips. Organize your sample and information views exactly as you want and save them for easy navigation. You can also see exactly what your samples are doing at all times, what has been derived from them, and any data generated.

Global Search

A complete filter mechanism enables you to search  your samples according to any parameter. Multiple criteria can be combined. Coloring of your cells will make your grids more comprehensive. The multiple column sorting is completing this powerful tool.

Location Management

You want to have a well organized lab and be able to search for samples from your management system and find them easily?

In SLIMS you can virtually re-create your lab and register your samples location! You can create your personalized location types. Freezers, cryotanks, drawers…  You can even record multiple buildings and all their rooms!

You need to visualize your rack, box or freezer? SLIMS helps you with his location preview. You can even export the location preview to Excel to be able to share it or to go in front of your freezer and pick only the right samples.

You have to move a freezer from one room to the other? No worries, you can just drag and drop your freezer from the first room to the second! All the samples in the freezer will move with it!

Custom content types

With SLIMS all your samples are store in one place, they contain all the information relative to their content type (such as blood type for your blood samples and species for your cells), your samples can be ordered by location, you can filter your samples on any of its information, easily track any modification done to your samples. Create your own views for a quick access to the samples you need to know about and create your personalized picklists with your most needed samples.


Do you often have difficulty tracking samples after they have been split? With SLIMS you can derive samples to multiple others and keep track of where each sample came from.

Your sample is divided into two tubes which you want to track separately? Aliquot your sample! Need to create a complex solution? Combine and keep track of the ingredients of your mix!

SLIMS has always the answer as you get full transparency over sample aliquots and mixing.

Sample tracking

Keeping track of samples and orders in your lab is easier than ever using the SLIMS order tracking module. You can easily link samples, their derivatives, SOPs, and all data generated to orders in your lab.


Need to find a certain type of sample in your freezer quickly? Need all of the available meta-data information that go with it? Create a personalized picklist for any type of sample in your lab. Whether its routine QC or you are shipping samples to a collaborator SLIMS makes it easy to keep track of what is going in and out of your storage space with customizable picklists.


What is a pedigree?

It’s a diagram that shows the history of a family’s ancestry while highlighting a specific phenotype. In the SLIMS platform the pedigree functionality supports the construction of family trees.

SLIMS allows you to choose what characteristics (e.g. diseases, genes, etc) you want to highlight providing a complete visualization as shown in the figure on the right.

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