Want to streamline sample analysis and final reporting?

You want to use external analysis tools for your data stored in SLIMS?
Are you working in collaboration with other labs?
You need to share some sample’s information but you don’t want to give out the access to your LIMS?


What good is a LIMS if it doesn’t communicate with the outside world?

The SLIMS platform provides two APIs, JAVA and Python, to extend the functionality of the system by integrating with internal equipment, communicating with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), internal Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), or customized scripts to perform specific tasks. The SLims API architecture is the most modern and effective to date providing each user with the ability to revolutionize their LIMS experience.


Barcoding technology is ubiquitous in all types of labs as it has become the de-facto standard for tracking samples.

Not only does the SLIMS platform provide out of the box barcode tracking, it also allows you to design your own custom labels within the system!

If you receive samples that have pre-codes tubes you can directly scan them and register your samples into the system!

Import/Export with Excel

Never enter samples one by one again! With SLIMS you can import new sample information by uploading Excel forms, even allowing you to setup a custom template for specific containers or locations!

When you are working on samples in a protocol step you can also edit values by exporting the sample information you need, make changes, and re-import the file. Voilà! The information is updated in your system.

Generic Excel import: SLIMS supports importing from and exporting to CSV files out of the box. This approach is used when the integration is not frequent, or the third party system is flexible in accepting or generating flat files.

Easy-Track Error Highlighting

You are importing many new values but one of them is not consistent with the data in SLIMS and you cannot import the file? Find out in one click which value doesn’t have the proper entry, to quickly correct it and import it properly in SLIMS.

Python Support

You want to have a simple portal for external people to fill in forms or other applications?

Design your own web based application and interact easily with SLIMS using our Python-API. The SLIMS platform fully supports the utilization of both Python and R libraries for designing custom applications. Web based applications, custom documents, and API based script functionality can all be executed and managed via our platform!

Galaxy Integration

Use your Galaxy Workflows directly in SLIMS !

The Galaxy platform is fully integrated with SLIMS. Feel free to design your custom workflows on Galaxy and use them directly within the SLIMS workflow module.

Import and export data and files with Galaxy to retrieve the results and store everything in SLIMS. No need to manually download your files between different analysis platforms. Everything is managed by SLIMS!

GenePattern Integration

SLIMS is fully integrated with GenePattern analysis pipelines 

Manage your data analysis pipelines from GenePattern directly within your SLIMS workflow.

Import and export data and files with the GenePattern platform to get your analysis results and keep everything in one single place !

SLIMS allows a full sample-to-insight workflow thanks to the external analysis platforms integration.

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