Electronic Lab Notebook

What are the advantages of SLIMS’ Electronic Laboratory Notebook?

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) can be many things to different people.

For the individual researcher, its more than just a lab notebook, it’s a complete personal history of your contribution to a project. It provides a structured environment to record samples, experiments, and data you have generated allowing you to paint a complete scientific picture with your work. With your data and samples organized and secure all-in-one place, the hours of poring over old notebooks to decipher cryptic handwriting and digging through poorly labeled tubes in a freezer will be eliminated.

For a larger lab the digital ELN provides freedom from the mountains of paper that build up each day. No longer will you have to dig through stacks of order sheets, consent forms, protocols, or user manuals as all of this can be stored and organized easily.

Need to create a standardized SOP to share with colleagues? Want to store all of your manuals in one place to view them in their respective protocols? Need to prepare samples using an older protocol but can’t find it on your desk? The SLIMS platform makes all of this possible while providing version control, transparency, reproducibility, and a way to completely link all of your information together in one spot.

Discover all the features of the SLIMS Simplified ELN


Genohm is keenly aware that the backbone of any productive lab is based on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) they follow to process samples.

 The goal of SOPs is to achieve efficiency, maintain quality, and enforce uniformity of industry regulations while performing repetitive tasks. They can vary from simple to complex tasks that are used for any number of activities, unpacking samples to generating reports, each one as important as the next.

That’s why the SLIMS platforms takes a very careful and serious approach to managing SOPs in the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). Full control for production, versioning, and administrative management are only a small handful of the SOP management features provided in the system.

Drag and Drop support

You have a result file you need to attach to your experiment? An image to add to your notes?

With SLIMS you can simply drag and drop your file from your computer into SLIMS and the attachment is saved in your experiment!

Inline Rich Text Editor

The SLIMS ELN has a full featured rich text editor that provides users with the ability to create and record all type of documentation within the system. Create an experiment and begin recording data and details all in the same place.

Link protocols, upload images, link to websites, customize your work, and record observations while linking your project analysis all in the same time. Once you are finished you can share your projects with another member of your team while keeping your data secure.

Data Visualization

You need to measure the pH of your solution every day for a week and want to visualize its evolution in time?

With the dynamic results in SLIMS you can enter your measure day after day and visualize the result in a graph with a simple click!

You can even choose your graph design if you prefer bar graphs over lines and many others including (lines, bars, pies, doughnuts, radars, etc).

R scripts

You have a lot of patient data and you want to have an overview of the age distribution? You want to visualize your data in a custom graph fitting your needs?

With SLIMS you can run your own R script on any contents. You can not only run simple statistics but also create graphs directly from SLIMS.

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