If every lab worked the same way this software stuff would be easy!!
Since every lab is different…. customize your own predefined actions with personalized windows!

Custom Sample Types

Any respectable LIMS solution needs to be able to track any and all samples that arrive in the lab.

Even if this means working with 12 different library preps on 4 different cell lines. With the SLIMS platform you can record all the needed information for your samples and track it through every step of your process.

Custom Fields

Sample types of your lab need a special data set?

Each type can have its specific custom fields that you define! You can add as many custom fields as you need. From simple to rich text formats, URL, quantities, dropdown or Date/Time, SLIMS has over 18 different data types to track any additional information you want.

Groovy Scripts

The SLIMS platform allows users to write formulas to provide rule enforcement and derivation based calculation on samples within the system. Groovy provides a dynamic interface for constructing small scripts to give the SLIMS platform additional customized features for your lab.


Automate all your repetitive tasks with a macro to save time and improve your LIMS experience!

Just like the ones you find in Excel, a macro is a rule or pattern that specifies how a sequence of events is handled based on the type of input. The SLIMS platform has adapted their useful abilities to handle repetitive work to save time. Checking in a list of samples can now be done via a macro.

Want to also generate all of the barcodes for each tube? Piece of cake when using a macro in SLIMS.

SLIMSGate Flows

SLIMSGate is the hard core of SLIMS customization.

Thanks to the SLIMSGate API we can develop dedicated connection between SLIMS and any instrument running in your lab.
The API is public so you can even develop your own customization yourself.


Want to send an email to a user once all their samples have been processed?

Need to know when a protocol or analysis run has been completed?

The SLIMS platform offers a custom notification system where you can designate who is receiving messages based on a sample status. Alternatively, you can set a notification to be sent to you when a process is completed and data is ready allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Multiple Languages Support

Multiple languages are supported in SLIMS environment. Users can switch languages independently between English, French and Dutch.

Moreover, SLIMS can be customize with labels of any languages, even with specific characters as Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.

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