An out-of-the-box
management solution
for your Biobank

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A customizable LIMS + ELN
and order management

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Smooth and flawless
management of your NGS
workflows and data

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Fully control your workflows
and routines and track
your samples

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SLIMS is the digital Team Member of your lab that streamlines the organization and management of any data and machine

Fully Featured LIMS + ELN Solution

SLIMS has been designed to integrate a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), and a Biobanking module into a flexible, customizable platform that offers any user the ability to configure the system to match their own lab processes and procedures.

Permissions Management

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  • Secure Access
  • User Restrictions
  • Functionality Access
  • Group/Project Management

Electronic Lab Notebook

  • ELN / Dynamic ELN
  • Rich Text Editor
  • SOPs
  • Drag & Drop attachments

Workflow Management

  • Flexible Protocols
  • Custom Workflows
  • Runs Management
  • Mixing/Demultiplexing

Sample Management

  • Custom content types
  • Sample tracking
  • Location Management
  • Derivation, Aliquoting, Mixing, ...





New Features in SLIMS 6.3


An out-of-the-box solution for your Biobank


A customizable LIMS + ELN Solution


Smooth management of your NGS workflows


Fully control your workflows and routines

What is a LIMS ? 

LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management Systems are software platforms designed to support and enhance the operations of modern laboratories. They help labs move from paper to a digital environment by streamlining operations with the goal of saving both time and money.

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SLIMS is the digital Team Member
of your lab that streamlines the organization
management of any data and machine

Samples managed
SLims users registered
Results saved

You don’t just buy a software
You’re investing in a solution that creates value for your entire lab

SLIMS is a unique laboratory automation system providing all necessary functionalities deeply integrated. Its format allows for an extremely adaptable self-service configuration by our end users. That is why nearly all SLIMS’ features can be configured without the need for development.

All Features

LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System

The sample management features of SLIMS allow complete transparency for any sample in your laboratory, from initial order, reception, experimentation, and all the way to the final report.

SLIMS is fully customizable to manage the information in your lab the way you want to. Whether you are defining exact locations, attaching files, managing orders, or generating final reports, SLIMS will support you.

LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System
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What is a LIMS ?
ELN – Electronic Lab Notebook

ELN – Electronic Lab Notebook

The ELN module of SLIMS enables digital and interactive note-taking and step by step follow-up of experiments. You can define and store Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) with automatic versioning.

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What is an ELN ?


SLIMS provides you with a complete workflow solution. The platform easily integrates with protocols and external analysis platforms.

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NGS – Next Generation Sequencing

See how SLIMS’ flexible LIMS + ELN + workflow management features adapt to the complex demands of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) laboratories.

SLIMS is the perfect GIMS (Genomic Information Management System) to streamline your NGS workflows and data management.

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Web-based LIMS

SLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that runs in all modern web browsers

You only need a web browser and configuration can be done without any further programming.

LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System
  • Simple Client Deployment

  • Effortless Roll Out

  • Scalability

  • Secure

Cloud-based SLIMS

SLIMS can be deployed in the cloud for clients who need/prefer the virtual environment.

Using Amazon’s ECS technology platform, SLIMS can easily and rapidly deploy into the cloud saving money on physical servers.

The ECS platform allows easy scalability for the SLIMS platform when more space or processing power is needed and platform security is guaranteed.


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