Library Preparation


NGS plates can be designed easily using drag and drop functionality. Samples can be selected in batch and moved to appropriate positions in the plate, filled either by rows or by columns.



Pools of samples or pools of sample libraries can be created in SLIMS. Once a pool is created, the list of samples included in a pool can be displayed and reviewed.

Sample Management


If you want to streamline the management of sample repositories and associated data, SLIMS can help you do it. With the sample management module you are able to manage the logistics of your lab.



The SLIMS platform offers a complete workflow solution easily integrating with protocols and external analysis solutions.



SLIMS can be deployed in the cloud for clients who need/prefer the virtual environment. Using Amazon’s ECS technology platform, SLIMS can easily and rapidly deploy into the cloud saving money on physical servers.

Barcodes and Labels


SLIMS contains a tool to design your own labels which will contain the barcodes for your samples or any other item. Multiple features in SLIMS allows to directly scan a barcode to register a sample or to reduce the manual interaction with SLIMS.



Use macros in SLIMS to automate repetitive tasks. Combine existing basic actions as create, link and derivate content, etc, for generic data manipulation.