Instrument Calibration


The calibration status of instruments can be tracked in SLIMS, with a check that runs nightly to manage expired instruments. This allows preventing a user to use uncalibrated instrument consequences like content flags and warnings if uncalibrated instruments are used in an experiment run.

Library Preparation


NGS plates can be designed easily using drag and drop functionality. Samples can be selected in batch and moved to appropriate positions in the plate, filled either by rows or by columns.

Pooling and Mixing


Pools or mixes of samples or pools of sample libraries can be created in SLIMS. Once a pool or mix is created, the list of samples included in a pool can be displayed and reviewed.



The SLIMS platform offers a complete workflow solution easily integrating with protocols and external analysis solutions.

SLIMS APIs and Plugins


The SLIMS platform provides several APIs to build custom SLIMS plugins and extend the core functionalities of the system by integrating with external equipment or for customizing complex workflows. Web-based applications with custom interfaces like portals for your external customers can be built using our Python API or the flexible Vaadin API.

  • SLIMS GATE, our main Java-based API
  • Vaadin, a Java-based highly flexible toolkit for web development
  • REST
  • Python

Sample Management


If you want to streamline the management of sample repositories and associated data, SLIMS can help you do it. With the sample management module you are able to manage the logistics of your lab.

Galaxy Integration


The Galaxy Platform is fully integrated with SLIMS. Feel free to design your custom workflows on Galaxy and use them directly within the SLIMS workflow module. Import and export data and files with Galaxy to retrieve the results and store everything in SLIMS. No need to manually download your files between different analysis platforms. Everything is managed by SLIMS!

Electronic signature


SLIMS supports electronic signatures on orders and results, and allows you to sign-off in experiment. Electronic signatures are recorded in the audit-trail and can be used in regulated environments.

Permissions Management


Permissions in SLIMS can be configured in all details needed by your internal organization. Access to samples and experiments can be granted to single users or group of users working on the same project.

Barcodes and Labels printers


SLIMS contains a tool to design your own labels which will contain the barcodes for your samples or any other item. Multiple features in SLIMS allows to directly scan a barcode to register a sample or to reduce the manual interaction with SLIMS. SLIMS supports:

  • Zebra Label Printers,
  • Brady Label Printers
  • PrintMate AS Cassette Printer