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The contact information such as your name, telephone number, address, e-mail address and else that you enter in the Contact Form or that you provide us through info@genohm, jobs@genohm is referred to as Personal Data. As per EU GDPR this can be used to identify person, a Data Subject. Therefore, processing this kind of data is strictly regulated. We processes your Personal Data following EU GDPR regulations. Genohm has taken the internal appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of your data. A regulated, audited data protection environment has been put in place in order to protect the safety of your data. Namely, data processing is carried out using anti-virus and malware-protected computers and/or IT enabled tools strictly following organizational data protection policies and procedures.


Once you have filled up our Contact Form, you need to give us the consent to process your data by clicking the empty box. The Personal Data you send us will be processed in an environment compliant with the latest data protection regulations. We use this information to get back in contact with you to answer your query and to provide you with further information on our SLIMS digital platform as well. We will not share this information with other parties outside Genohm.

SUBMIT YOUR DATA THROUGH info@genohm.com, jobs@genohm.com

When you contact us through info@genohm.com, jobs@genohm.com you implicitly give us the consent to process your data. The banner that pops up gives you information on Data Protection and refers here to know more about how we process data at Genohm.


Genohm is allowed to process your data submitted through the the Contact Form only if you have successfully given us your consent. When you contact us through info@genohm you implicitly give us the consent to process your data in the way described here under.

The information you have sent us through the Contact Form or through info@genohm.com, jobs@genohm.com are received by internal email and entered into pipedrive (www.pipedrive.com), a sales custom relationship management platform that Genohm uses to manage its contacts, leads and clients or workable (www.workable.com), an online recruitment software to manage hiring procedures. Your data is then managed by the HR or the Marketing and Sales team inside the pipedrive and workable platforms. It’s never exported from the platforms and is protected by pipedrive’s and workable security policies.

We will use the information to get in touch with you, to follow-up the hiring process, to provide assistance with your inquiries and to provide you with further information on our SLIMS digital platform as well.

We will not use your Personal Data for anything else. We will not provide or sell them to third parties. The retention time will be of 5 years. After this time period is elapsed, we will destroy them.


If you want to know your right as per the EU GDPR data protection regulation, please check out the page Data Protection at Genohm.You will find further information on this topic.

Do you still have questions on Processing Personal Data on our websites? Please contact us at the address found on the page Data Protection at Genohm. We will be very glad to get back to you and listen to your concerns.

This page was last updated on September 24, 2018.