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SLIMS is a LIMS + ELN + order management platform designed for Biobanks, research laboratories working with PCR or NGS in clinical and diagnostics settings.

“Principal investigators, physicians and laboratory technicians are driving the worldwide evolution towards digitizing today’s labs. Modern machines and instruments easily generate terabytes of data followed by complex data processing routines. Scientists are expected to deliver validated results in less time than ever before. On top of all that governments and boards vote strict regulations on compliance regarding data auditing and traceability.  

They all face the fact that their paper- and file-based laboratory information management solutions (LIMS) or homemade electronic lab notebook (ELN) solutions fail to comply with the challenges of a modern lab.  

Genohm is a laboratory informatics company specialized in lab software automation dedicated to provide LIMS + ELN digital solutions to Biobanks, research (R&D) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) labs in Universities and hospitals as well as to Biotech companies.  

We strongly believe that every scientist deserves to organize his digital data management system to closely match his own laboratory workflows and to fulfill his own special needs. That is the reason why we have developed SLIMS, a LIMS + ELN platform which takes care of the need for a software solution capable to adapt to and completely digitize all laboratory workflows. 

SLIMS has been designed to integrate LIMS (or BIMS for Biobanks) and ELN units into a flexible, customizable platform with the possibility for the customer to configure its own proprietary modules where required. It is a very wide solution that takes care of operations from LIMS + ELN to sample and order management.  

It connects different software and computers, the instruments and machines of your lab aggregating and consolidating all data, images, any kind of result you generate.  SLIMS fully automates the storage of samples and data as well as performing analysis and other kind of protocols in any workflow. It supports barcode readers, label printers and other peripherals that are used in a lab. 

Today, SLIMS is used by research labs or units dealing with NGS and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) protocols in genomics, proteomics, quality control/assurance (QC/QA) workflows. International laboratories in diagnostic, clinical, production and manufacturing settings currently profit from our solution. 

I am convinced that SLIMS is the perfect solution adapted for your laboratory. You’re still not sure? Give us a call. Send us an email. Contact us through our social media pages. Our team of bio-engineers will answer all your questions. They will show you what SLIMS is capable of and why it’s going to fulfill all your digital needs.”


Frederik Decouttere, CEO of Genohm

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