Lausanne (Switzerland), 04.18.2017: Genohm has just released the latest v5.4 version of SLims, its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) + Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) platform.

When the v5.3 version of SLims was released, it contained a number of different major developments. First of all the Workflow management module was redesigned; then, other developments such as the Picklists in the Content section; the Text blocks and the Sharing Option at the ELN level and finally the Access refactor and Python API in the Setup section were introduced.

Today we release the new v5.4 version which contains a new set of features and improvements. The Tutorial that we have prepared for our customers shows the different highlights of the new SLims release. We would like to introduce here the most important of these improvements.

At the ELN level, the main feature introduced is the new design of the Simplified ELN. The design has a lighter look and feel for easier reading. In parallel, it is now also possible to execute several actions on content in this simplified module.

Regarding the Content section, the new v5.4 introduces a Super Content Grid. With this new feature, it is easy to show columns from different modules in the content grid. On top of that, on one side the order module can be used to request a content and on the other side, content can be scheduled to workflow without an order.

The Workflow module has been again the center of attention of our developers. The Global Search feature allows to use a Barcode field to search a content. For what concerns the NextSeq integration, the generation of sample sheets to trigger a run on the sequencer is supported by Slims. On top of this, comments, predefined or custom, can be added when re-queuing elements.

Finally, at the Setup level, we have added Hyperlinks in Grids. This allows the addition of links to any grid making it possible to jump to the linked record in the corresponding module. It is also possible now to make custom notifications through SLimsGate.

Beside the Tutorial, we have also put together a short video describing all the improvements introduced with the new SLims version v5.4.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at in case you have any question on the release of the new v5.4 of SLims, our LIMS + ELN platform.