What is a LIMS ?2017-03-13T11:46:27+00:00

LIMS is the acronym of Laboratory Information Management System. Like many other management systems in other domains, they have been designed to streamline operations and cut costs with the ultimate goal to digitize the environment where they are utilized. Read more

What are the main functions of SLIMS ?2014-12-05T17:32:06+00:00
  • SLIMS’ seamless, all-in-one design unites the functions of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), with Content and Order Management features. Read more in our SLIMS page
Who can make best use of SLIMS?2014-12-05T12:04:01+00:00
  • Thanks to its unique design, SLIMS can be adapted to a huge variety of customer settings
  • SLIMS is equally suitable for small and big laboratories in research, clinical, production and manufacturing settings
  • Its flexibility enables the organization from a few to many thousands of items
  • The user groups and personal settings allow many different users and collaborators to use SLIMS
  • SLIMS has an unique ability to handle large amounts of data, at the resolution you choose
How does SLIMS facilitate running a digital workplace?2014-12-05T17:28:05+00:00
  • SLIMS is installed on your server, customized to match your laboratory organization
  • It runs as a web-based application making the installation of the software on your computer redundant
  • SLIMS’ iPad app allows entries within the simplified Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) version anywhere you go, with the touch of a few buttons without a computer at hand
  • Your SLIMS is there for you all the time
  • See our Technology page about SLIMS
How does SLIMS facilitate sample management?2014-12-08T11:44:16+00:00
  • SLIMS can store a nearly unlimited amount of data types: bio-specimen, protocols, SOPs, workflows, sample locations, data points, experimental results, analysis parameters, sequences or images
  • Sample information is organized by location, project or in other views adapted to your changing needs
  • Accurate localization in freezers, racks and rooms helps you visually locate any sample stored in your lab
  • Samples can be searched based on various parameters and by scanning of 1 or 2D barcodes
  • You can configure your own printer sample labels according to your needs
  • More unstructured sample information can be added in the form of simple notes to file or as attachments
  • SLIMS’ simple and clear, yet dynamic, data model allows for sophisticated, autonomous and user-specified, custom field configuration
  • Sample data is easily linked to other data and samples in order to follow the entire chain of processing workflow

At any time you know what you have, where you have it and what you did with it
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How does SLIMS facilitate handling internal and external requests to the laboratory?2014-12-05T17:34:32+00:00
  • The Request/Order Tracking and Management functions of SLIMS are organized to simplify your laboratory operations
  • They let you keep an overview on the status of each and every ongoing project
  • SLIMS lets you prioritize orders and approve results
  • Worklists give you a quick overview of the daily to-do lists
  • The Export and Report Generation functions allow for efficient and time saving custom reporting
Is SLIMS installed on my personal computer?2014-12-05T14:01:15+00:00
  • There is no software for you to install on your personal computer as SLIMS is installed on your server
  • SLIMS is a web-based application running on your regular browser window
  • With your login credentials you can connect to your SLIMS from any computer with an access to your domain
  • Although browser-operated, SLIMS feels like a desktop application
Can I access my SLIMS also from portable devices?2014-12-05T14:05:59+00:00
  • SLIMS includes an iPad app for the simplified Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) version
Can I obtain the SLIMS software in other languages?2014-12-05T17:14:03+00:00
  • SLIMS is available in English, French and Dutch
  • If you would like to obtain a SLIMS version in a different language, please contact us through Contact Form in our Support page
How about using other languages in SLIMS ?2014-12-05T17:12:33+00:00
  • SLIMS’ rich text editor supports most languages based on the roman latin alphabet
Where can I obtain further information about SLIMS ?2014-12-05T13:47:16+00:00

  • Would you like to have a presentation or a demo of SLims? Please contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page

Can I try out SLIMS ?2014-12-05T17:15:18+00:00
  • If you would like to obtain a SLIMS demo, please contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
  • In the case of some clients, we have already set-up a pilot trial phase as an integrated part of an installation project before the final acquisition of the software.
How can I obtain a SLIMS version suitable for my purposes ?2014-12-05T14:42:46+00:00
  • SLIMS is configured to match your personal needs at your lab, every SLIMS installation is different and yields a personalized product
  • If you would like to discuss your SLIMS project, please contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
What are the focus area of SLIMS?2014-12-08T11:04:20+00:00
  • SLIMS offers great solutions for laboratories handling high data densities such as high throughput laboratories, Proteomics labs or NGS facilities
  • The data and location management features make SLIMS ideal for running biobanks, registries and other central repositories
  • Its superior instrument integration possibilities and process management options are excellent solutions for production laboratories found in biotech environments
  • The unique adaptability of SLims makes it suitable for many different additional settings. It is personalized and configured for you to match the way your lab is working and wants to work.
  • To find out if SLIMS is the solution to digitize your lab, please contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
Is SLIMS suitable for running my biobank?2014-12-08T13:46:04+00:00
  • SLIMS’ standard functions are ideal for managing an efficient biobank, a stock collection or a registry. Check out our biobanks page for more information.
  • Location management of richly annotated specimen and their derivatives profits from the quick sample location and tabulation of sample data features of SLIMS
  • It provides complete tracking of specimen usage such as complete overview of sample processing, usage and generation of new sample-associated data
  • Easy association and annotation of specimen-related information like tracking of patient consent, updating of patient data by integrating with hospital systems and compliancy with regulatory requirements, are facilitated
  • SLIMS allows data protection and security such as password-controlled user access and group-restricted field views to protect patient data and restrict unauthorized or non-compliant access
  • It provides process and audit tracking such as complete overview on data history, modification tracking and protocol versioning
How does SLIMS facilitate organizing a central data repository ?2014-12-08T13:51:59+00:00
    SLIMS has all you need to build a central repository: integration capacity, traceability, nearly unlimited content, location and data types

  • SLIMS can store a nearly unlimited number of data types: protocols, SOPs, workflow, sample locations, data points, experimental results, analysis parameters or images
  • It can orchestrate data transfer with many types of instruments such as Bioanalyzer, microscopes and NGS instruments
  • Communication with other internal and external systems like analysis software, other LIMS or CRM, can be easily be set up
  • SLIMS can provide links to online public databases, cloud-based services and public registries
  • Update and transfer of new information in SLIMS, available from other platforms, instruments or repositories can be quickly automatized
  • Information such as user notes or of a less structured type can be added as attachment or as note to file
  • User group profiles make sure that they have access only to the required data in the required way
  • SLIMS can be either simple or complex as it is configured by you for your lab and its environment
Can SLIMS be set up to receive data from a hospital patient registry?2014-12-08T17:47:36+00:00
  • Thanks to SLIMS’ vast flexibility clinical information can be integrated by the link to clinical information systems (HIS), e.g. HL7
I would like to combine imaging data with biomedical informatics and biobanking. How can SLIMS help me?2014-12-08T17:56:23+00:00
  • Different laboratory instruments are easily connected to SLIMS and the software automates data processing
  • Instrument-generated files are automatically attached and linked to contents and projects
  • Clinical data are incorporated by the link to clinical information systems (HIS), e.g. HL7
How is SLIMS licensed?2014-12-05T14:25:38+00:00
  • SLIMS is licensed per server and per user
  • There are two type of licenses, individually named licences have limited number of users with no limit to simultaneous access, while concurrent licences have an unlimited number of users with a pre-defined number of simultaneous accesses per customer
  • If you wish to receive more information, please contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
What is the difference between an individual and a concurrent license in SLIMS?2014-12-05T14:27:33+00:00
  • Users with an individual license can access SLIMS anytime
  • A concurrent license enables users to share their access to SLIMS. It’s ideal for users with little SLIMS interaction time and users working different shifts
How does my SLIMS stay up-to-date?2014-12-08T10:31:47+00:00
  • With your SLIMS update and maintenance package, you make sure that your software is always up-to-date
  • Genohm releases about 4 major updates per year
Do I have access to newly developed SLIMS features?2014-12-05T14:38:02+00:00
  • With your SLIMS update and maintenance package, you obtain the latest software developments
  • Whatever we develop for SLIMS will become available to all of our customers
  • Your configuration is personal therefore you choose the features you want to deploy
Where will the SLIMS software be installed?2014-12-05T14:09:29+00:00
  • SLIMS is installed on a server, virtual or physical at your location
How will I install my SLIMS software?2014-12-05T14:20:37+00:00
  • SLIMS is installed by the SLIMS engineers team of Genohm
In a nutshell, what are the server requirements to install SLIMS?2014-12-08T10:06:07+00:00
  • Apache Tomcat 7+: open source application server
  • 8 Gb RAM or better
  • 2CPU’s or better
  • Min. 500GB HDD
  • GB network connections
  • Running CentOS Enterprise Linux, Redhat Enterprise Linux or Windows Server 2008
  • A MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL server database
How can I obtain SLIMS updates?2014-12-05T14:34:27+00:00
  • The central server-based deployment allows easy monitoring and hassle-free updates
  • Updates are carried out remotely (VPN, SSH) and we assist you in this process
What kind of database does SLIMS use?2014-12-05T14:12:12+00:00
  • SLIMS uses MySQL, MS SQL Server (“Standard” edition or better) or Oracle databases
How can I back up my data present in SLIMS?2014-12-05T12:01:08+00:00
  • SLIMS-supported protocols for backup are: NFS, SAMBA, iSCSI
  • A full backup must include database and file repository
How many data points can be accommodated by SLIMS?2014-12-05T13:56:46+00:00
  • SLIMS can store a huge amount of data types: protocols, SOPs, workflow, sample locations, experimental results, analysis parameters or images
How many users can access SLIMS simultaneously?2014-12-05T12:06:18+00:00
  • Named user licences have limited number of users with no limit to simultaneous access, while concurrent licences have an unlimited number of users with a pre-defined number of simultaneous accesses per customer
What are the SLIMS’ file export formats?2014-12-08T17:23:36+00:00
  • SLIMS can export and import csv files
  • Entire Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) projects can be exported from SLIMS as zip folders containing the data
  • Such zip folders contain a pdf and xml reports, log files, attachments and an html folder
What kind or reports can be generated in SLIMS?2014-12-08T17:28:26+00:00
  • SLIMS’ report templates are designed and intended for standard operation requirements
  • Report templates can be populated by data residing within SLIMS for upload into Jasper
  • Using this SLIMS feature pdf, html, rtf, docx and csv documents can be produced
Can I print labels for my samples and specimens in SLIMS?2014-12-05T17:54:22+00:00
  • SLIMS has flexible label usage and supports enhanced label printing on Brady label printers, preferably Brady IP and BBP11
  • SLIMS also supports label printing on Thermo PrintMate Casette Printer, CAB and ZEBRA
  • It supports import and modifications of label templates form other software
  • 1 or 2D barcode printing, scanning and searching are supported
  • We recommend Honeywell 1900 and 4600G
How am I supported as a SLIMS customer?2014-12-05T16:51:00+00:00
  • Genohm is an ISO 9001 certified company committed to quality management and support
  • Support can be accessed at any time through our Service desk, or contact us through the support options of our Support page


How can I obtain in depth knowledge about SLIMS?2014-12-05T16:54:55+00:00
  • At Genohm we believe in empowering our customers
  • You can obtain the training you need, tailored to your SLIMS needs and user privileges
  • We offer basic as well as in depth and advanced training to our customers
  • Basic training is tailored for user groups with routine usage of SLIMS
  • In depth and advanced training is geared towards key users acting as administrators with profound SLIMS configuration knowledge
  • SLIMS administrators have the skills to independently configure SLIMS to their own needs
  • Your maintenance package includes help to facilitate custom configurations
  • Please, contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
What kind of SLIMS training options do I have?2014-12-08T10:23:03+00:00
  • Genohm offers one day on-site training sessions by SLIMS engineers
  • Training sessions can be organised for individuals or groups, depending on your needs and cover general SLIMS topics or specific input to custom configurations
  • Please, contact us through the Contact Form in our Support page
How does SLIMS facilitate work in regulated environments?2014-12-05T18:23:16+00:00
  • User profiles and views make sure that users have access only in the desired and required way and to the required data
  • Patient data can be easily imported from hospital systems, coded or anonymous
  • Patient consent information can be tracked
  • SLIMS offers chain of custody, full traceability, protocol versioning, data auditing and searching of log files
Can SLIMS trace data flow and processes?2014-12-08T09:44:07+00:00
  • SLIMS’ two-way full traceability tracks relations between laboratory materials
  • The software provides full tracing of user entries (FDA 21 CFR part 11)
  • It has full data auditing: automatic protocol versioning, tracking of modifications and data history
  • Log files are searchable by user, time, event and fields in more advanced ways
How are SLIMS data protected from non-authorized access?2014-12-08T17:02:18+00:00

Password-controlled user access and group- and role-restricted field views protect patient data and restrict unauthorized or non-compliant access

How does SLIMS help me work with patient data?2014-12-08T10:53:26+00:00
  • SLIMS can be set up to communicate with other software to extract specific data sets
  • It can update sample information by searching other software automatically and in a fully traceable way
  • The software can export data for e.g. for update of registries
  • SLIMS’ user, group and role definitions support you in your work with coded, anonymous and pseudonymous patient data