Knowledge For Growth Event in Ghent, Belgium

This event is Europe's finest life sciences conference. It features an exciting program providing insight into the global life sciences’ landscape with Partnering and a trade fair with 100+ exhibitors. On the 9th of May 2019, We have attended the 15th edition of the annual knowledge for growth business conference. This conference attracts many people from [...]

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Buongiorno Italia! – Paperless Lab Academy 2019

What is the Paperless Lab Academy about? It's an event for discussions on strategies and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the laboratory. It is about generating solid business insights from the laboratory. You learn about connecting and discovering trends from cutting-edge leaders in a creative and productive atmosphere. The event took place from the 9th [...]

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SV Industry Visit in Lausanne

We were excited to meet so many interesting people at the SV industry visit in Lausanne. Our team went on the 28th of March 2019 to present our company and talk about our SLIMS software. The team also showed the different roles in our company. This was a great experience for the students as they [...]

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SLIMS Goes To STIL – EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow - Edward Teller - Another year, another STIL conference. After a successful event in 2018, The Genohm team appears yet again at the STIL EPFL, Salon des technologies de l'innovation de Lausanne . On March 21st 2019, visitors were able to discover SLIMS by making [...]

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SLIMS Team at Smartlab Exchange in Berlin

The Smartlab Exchange takes place on February 27-28th in Berlin, and focuses on helping industry leaders meet and form partnerships with each other. Attendees will have the chance to present addresses, case studies, interactive discussion groups run by the Exchange, and scheduled consultations between attendees and solution providers. SLIMS engineers join this year to [...]

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The Genohm Education Team at the University of Lyon

The full education team headed to Lyon, France to visit Lyon Catholic University and present the Master's degree lecture "Biobank Management". Built in 2017 around an old prison, the University building unites traditional architecture and modernity. Fifteen students, in their first year of Master's degree, attended the "Introduction in Computerized Management of Biobanks" lecture. [...]

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SLIMS Engineers at the Agilent NGS Workflow Symposium

NGS users from all over Switzerland will share clinical NGS workflow experience at the Agilent Clinical NGS Workflow Symposium. Speakers from leading labs will present their advanced workflow solutions on February 26th in Bern, Switzerland. Genohm will be there to learn and share about the challenges associated with technology, products, working with samples, and the [...]

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SLIMS Engineers at the Agilent Forum Analytik

The Agilent Forum Analytik in Vienna, Austria covers topics related to Analysis. The most recent improvements to analyzer tools make product quality easier to regulate. Our engineers are excited to attend the forum on February 13th to stay updated with current achievements, and to discuss these insights with other experts in the field. Read [...]

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SLIMS Experts Learn About Biospecimens at ISBER 2019

SLIMS' own Education and Sponsoring Manager is going to ISBER in Berlin, which covers all major types of specimens this year and includes presentations from biospecimen research experts. We look forward to discussing this interesting topic with experts and peers at this conference. Join us at the Isber Europe Symposium on February 5-6th in [...]

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