Céline Kessler, LIMS specialist

About Céline Kessler, LIMS specialist

With an engineering degree in Signal Processing, Céline has joined Genohm in 2017. She previously worked as a Software Engineer and Project manager for a major French Defense company. At Genohm, she interfaces with customers, mainly in the NGS area, to provide a customized SLIMS instance best suited to their particular needs, and provides training so that they can update their configuration themselves.

The Best Reasons to Use SLIMS for NGS

In the last few years, Next Generation Sequencing instruments and bioinformatics software have undergone tremendous progress. However, to get the most out of those revolutionary advances, NGS labs need one more tool. A LIMS automates lab work to maximize efficiency and minimize errors, ensures the quality of each sample’s metadata for secondary and tertiary [...]

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