Join us at the 7th National Biobank Symposium in Berlin, Germany on December 11-12, 2018. Genohm will give a talk in German “Einführung in die Computer gestützte Verwaltung von Biobanks” at Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin.

This year’s 7th National Biobank Symposium will again be organized and hosted by the Technology and Method Platform for Networked Medical Research (TMF e.V.) together with the German Biobank Node (GBN).

On the way to “digital health”, human biobanks will focus on new omics technologies and the use of innovative human medical model approaches. This concerns the storage and processing of material samples as well as the processes of IT networking and data integration/interoperability. “Fit for purpose” is therefore the motto of this year’s symposium, which will examine the new requirements placed on modern biobanks from various angles.

In order to survive in scientific competition and to secure the long-term acceptance of biobanks as central infrastructures for medical research, a joint effort is required. Experts from all areas of biobanking are in demand here: from the standardization and harmonization of quality management to the networking of data and sample exchange (including ELSI), IT networking and data interoperability to the sustainable financing of biobanks. The symposium offers a forum: It enables biobank representatives to exchange information on current research and to engage in dialogue with industry.

German Biobank Node (GBN) and German Biobank Alliance (GBA) – made possible by BMBF funding – make a decisive contribution to the consolidation of biobanks as central research infrastructures. The focus is on IT networking between biobanks and other data sources, interdisciplinary cooperation and the creation of standards. These developments are driven by the needs and interests of biobank users. These national developments are designed in close cooperation with the European BBMRI-ERIC network, so that synchronization of IT infrastructures, quality management and further training of biobank staff is already bearing fruit.

More info about the program: here (German)