Lausanne (Switzerland), 08.30.2017: Genohm has just released an overview video of SLIMS, its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) + Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform.

They said it couldn’t be done: a LIMS and ELN solution could not coexist easily together. Well, we are here to tell them they were wrong!

We understand that in today’s fast moving world your LIMS solution should give you options for complex tools like an ELN, while also performing the many basic day to day tasks. In SLIMS, we have integrated those two elements with the additional functionality of sample, workflow and order tracking. This combination really makes for a platform that is more than just a software tool, it’s a Team Member of your lab. Here at Genohm it has been our mission from the beginning to make our SLIMS platform as customer-friendly as possible because it shouldn’t matter what technology you have or what your workflows are, the system should work like you and not the other way around.

Regardless of whether you are in the market for a replacement system for your aging LIMS, or are approaching this field with fresh eyes for a new lab, the options available today can be daunting. We recognize that for people who have not experienced systems like ours it might be difficult to know how a LIMS can integrate with tools like an ELN and still offer so much additional functionality. At the same time we know it can be exciting when one looks at SLIMS for the first time and sees all the tools and features available to help propel your lab work into the digital age.

Therefore, we have released an overview video showing how samples move through our system so you can see exactly what the hype is all about. This video will give you an overview of the SLIMS platform and how it works. Beside the ELN, the video presents some routine modules such as content, order, and workflow management where you will see how various crucial elements of your data are handled, such as locations, custom views, actions, and automation in one click among others.

Don’t worry, we are just as excited to show you SLIMS as you will be once you see it all!



If you are familiar with all these concepts, go ahead and have a look at our other SLIMS videos for a deeper insight into how you can transform your lab. If you are like us, and feel more at ease talking to a person, please contact us at and it will be our pleasure to go over the many added values of SLIMS with you.

PS: Coffee mug not included in the offer, ;o)