Ghent (Belgium), 04.04.2017: Two teams of Genohm developers have participated at the latest edition of the Flemish Programming Contest, VPW2017.
The 2017 edition of the Vlaamse Programmeer Wedstrijd, VPW2017, was held in Leuven, Belgium. The rationale for the competition is based on a simple concept: Teamwork. A team of three developers has one laptop and three hours to write five programs: pure adrenaline for a pure intellectual challenge!
Two teams from our Ghent office participated to the contest this year in the Category # 4 which counted a total of 44 teams.
Our first team, “Jo Bonten Fanclub Dampoort” was composed by Ruben, Sion and Brecht. They coded in Java and ended in 5th place. The second team, “Jesus Power Assembler”, was composed by Hannes, Benoit and Dieter. They took on the extra challenge to code in Haskell and ended up in 22nd place.
Congratulations to everybody for their outstanding performance at VPW2017.