Lausanne (Switzerland), 12.16.2016: Genohm has just released the latest v5.3 version of SLims, its LIMS + ELN platform.

The last v5.2 version of SLims contained some major developments especially in the NGS Workflow section. Today we release the new  v5.3 version which contains again several new features and improvements. The tutorial that we have prepared for our customers shows the different highlights of the new SLims release. We would like to introduce here a representative selection of these improvements.

In the Content section, the most notable feature is the PickLists. With this new feature it’s easy to create selection of contents, picklists. Beside this, the location path can be recorded for every content move and location move as well. Orders of columns in grids can be saved and every night the correctness of the propagation of field values is checked.

At the ELN level, we have two main new features in Text blocks and Share ELN. On one side, Text blocks implies that text areas are simplified, namely there is no more edit button you just need to click in a text area to activate it. On the other side, with Share ELN new access rights are created and it’s possible to share runs between different groups or different users.

The Setup section also has its two main feature, Access refactor and SLims Python API.  With Access refactor, groups can be made of groups or users and different rights in a group can be set. Creation can be set at different levels, none, personal, group or all. SLims supports now external Python scripts.

The Workflow module has been the subject of major developments in the previous release. A main feature in the v5.3 version is within the Workflow management as the whole module has been redesigned. Now users are able to create protocols, queues, requestables and edit graphs directly in one and only module.

We have put together a description of all the improvements introduced with the new SLims version v5.3, you can find it here. By clicking on any cell of the first page, you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding slide of interest.