Lausanne, Switzerland, 12.02.2016: Genohm communicates the appointment of three new Executives.

Frederik Decouttere declared: “It’s our mantra, at Genohm we are constantly looking for better ways to help our customers. And it pays back. We have been experiencing a constant growth in recent years and this requires a wide effort from our side. We must not only concentrate our efforts in evolving SLims, our LIMS + ELN solution, but also grow the structure of the company in the best possible way.

That is why we have now reshaped the structure of the company in order to be ready to face the challenges that we foresee in the next years. We are expanding globally, we are signing more clients from diverse sectors with very different structures. We need to be lean and flexible, even more as we always have been. The new structure will help support ramping up the speed and size of our business. And our business is nothing else than constantly looking for better ways to help our customers.

To lead Genohm, a new structure for the Executive team was also put in place. Therefore, I’m very proud to announce the following appointments:

Martijn Devisscher, ir., will now serve as COO of Genohm

Ruben Simoens, M.Sc., is the new VP of Engineering

Roger Küng, M.Sc. has been promoted to VP of Business Development

Welcome to Genohm v3.0.”