The new v5.2 version of SLims is out


Lausanne (Switzerland), Ghent (Belgium) and Durham, NC (USA), 2016.07.29: Genohm has just released the latest v5.2 version of SLims, its LIMS + ELN + order management platform.

Several new features and improvements were recently released with the version v5.1. Today we release the new version v5.2 which has again some major developments especially in the NGS Workflow section. The v5.2 tutorial that we have prepared for our customers shows the many highlights of the new SLims release. We would like to introduce here a representative selection of these v5.2 improvements.

In the Content section, the Scan module has been enhanced with straightforward steps. Three new Macro actions have been added to give depth to this module. By filtering the Location view, the tree is automatically shown and there is a direct link created from the content to the location module. Any Content now can be linked to a URL and shared with anybody.

At the level of the Simplified ELN, a very useful feature allows to add Blocks in the middle of an existing Block chain. A new Run module has been created and it can contain all Runs present in ELN and Workflows. A simplified experiment can now easily be printed and the first page preview of a PDF or an Office document can be inserted in a Block or Rich text.

The Setup section also has several new features. In order to observe trend Data, a new QC template named Raw Data has been created. It’s now possible to add custom fields in the QC card table and create warning and error rules. At the level of the configuration of SLimsGate, it is possible to set multiple input parameters on the same line and trigger experiment run step refresh.

Workflows is a new exciting module that was introduced with the last version v5.1.  New features have been added such as MiSeq and HiSeq support. New protocols are now available to trigger runs directly on both MiSeq or HiSeq by Illumina. The Chain of Custody has also been improved. In fact, it is possible to follow which Content or Content request are used in a Workflow experiment. More modules have been added such as Panels, DNA Indexes and Plate Index Design to better assist NGS experiments.

We have put together a description of all the improvements introduced with the new SLims version v5.2, you can find it here. By clicking on any cell of the first page, you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding slide of interest.