The new 5.1 version of SLims is out


Lausanne (Switzerland), Ghent (Belgium) and Durham (USA), 05.04.2016: the new SLims version 5.1 has been released.

Genohm has just released the latest 5.1 version of SLims, its LIMS + ELN + order management platform. After the new design introduced with the v5.0, the new version 5.1 has again some major improvements and new features.

At the level of the Simplified ELN, several components have been refactored. In the simplified protocol, a SOP block can now be configured without preselected SOP. The selection automatically applies when you are using it. Always in the simplified protocol, the note blocks can now be prefilled there.  At the Simplified ELN level, it is now possible to copy already existing blocks and every attachment linked to a block is also attached to its Experiment.

Workflows, a new exciting module, has been introduced with the new v5.1. It’s a straight forward visual tool that links order execution, ELN and instruments. With this new module, Queues has also been introduced. It contains a collection of waiting elements that are needed here and can be configured using specific grids.

Furthermore, on one side, the Analysis Module easily enables to run R scripts on data present in SLims using the grids. On the other side, today already existing macros as well as label templates can be fully copied into new ones.

We have put together a short description of all the improvements introduced with the new SLims version 5.1, you can find it here.