Lausanne, 22.03.2016: The new JIRA Customer Support Service Desk for SLims issues and new feature requests is now live on our web site.

We have finalized the switch of our customer support from the Mantis software to the new Atlassian Service Desk platform JIRA. This change improves our service mainly in the following 3 ways:

  • You will experience an easier, lightweight interface when you submit a ticket for SLims issues and new feature requests
  • The lifecycle of requests will be improved and therefore will be more aligned with our current practices in SLims support
  • The ticketing system will be tightly coupled to a new internal issue tracking cycle. Consequently, customer support and feature development will be more closely linked. This will result in better feedback from you to our engineers and vice versa from the engineers to you

The Customer Support Service Desk JIRA is quite easy to use. We have put together a short tutorial to show you how to handle it, please click here to learn more. If you have any doubt on that regard, do not hesitate to contact us, give us a call, our SLims engineers will be happy to help you out.

At the end of the month of April, the Mantis software will be switched off. But don’t worry, you will be pleased to use JIRA. Don’t hesitate to look at the tutorial to learn how to use JIRA and call us if you have any question.