Ghent, 04.03.2016: In order to support the steady growth of the company, we have just hired three new colleagues in our offices in Ghent.

Rudy, on the left, has a very strong Java background and started his career back in 1996 al Belgacom. From 2001 on he’s been developing on different Java applications for a number of companies such as Proximus, BICS, BPost and Smals. Rudy is a fan of IT hardware and software and a fitness lover to keep himself in perfect shape.

The long professional career of Pieter, in the middle, has led him to work on many different IT systems. Always with a positive attitude: the difficult problems are the most motivating ones as there are no challenges too big for him. Pieter loves playing his Didgeridoo, he practices Aikido, loves plants, gardening and cooking.

Peter, on the right, has a Life Science background. He received his Master in Biotechnology and his PhD in Bioscience Engineering. The topic of his PhD was a genomic approach to investigate pesticide resistance in the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae. Peter is a sports fan, he loves watching movies, listening to music and travelling.

Welcome on board guys from the teams in Lausanne, Ghent and Durham!!!