Lausanne, 15.01.2016: Genohm adopts the new JIRA platform as Customer Support Service Desk for its SLims issues and new feature requests.

At Genohm we are constantly looking for better ways to help our customers. Besides continually improving our SLims platform, we regularly evaluate the way we provide customer support. During this ongoing evaluation we assess, on one side, the process used by our engineers to respond to every issue reported by our clients.

On the other side, we evaluate the performance of the software used for reporting. We correlate it to the growth of our customer base and the level of quality of the service that we want to bring to our clients. From our evaluation, we have come to the conclusion that we need to implement a new solution for our customer support.

Therefore, we will be switching our customer support from the Mantis software to the new Atlassian Service Desk platform JIRA. We are planning to execute the switch in the third week of February. This change will mainly improve our service in the following 3 ways:

  • Customers will experience an easier, lightweight interface when they submit their tickets for SLims issues and new feature requests
  • The lifecycle of requests will be improved and therefore will be more aligned with our current practices in SLims support
  • The ticketing system will be tightly coupled to a new internal issue tracking cycle. Consequently, customer support and feature development will be more closely linked. This will result in better feedback from the customer to our engineers and vice versa from the engineers to our customers

At the beginning of February, detailed technical instructions about the switch to JIRA will be available to our customers. At the same time, we will also set up a dedicated JIRA phone support to guarantee a smooth transition.

Stay tuned: the new JIRA Customer Support Service Desk is coming soon……