Lausanne, 15.12.2015: After the release of a first Infographic detailing key metrics on customer usage data, Genohm has shared a second Infographic highlighting the added values of SLims, its LIMS + ELN + order management platform, as well as the axis of development for the next 5 years.

During the 2 Client Events that took place in Ghent and Lausanne last month, Genohm presented a first Infographic showing a 5 years data summary of customer utilization of SLims. Frederik Decouttere, CEO of Genohm, also presented a second Infographic relating all the areas where SLims is an added value to our customers as well as detailing the directions of the future development of the platform.

Commenting the second Infographic, he said: ” We took advantage of the 5th anniversary of SLims to push further the reflection on the role of our platform in the daily work life of our customers. It was the perfect moment to understand the strategic function it has taken in the life of a laboratory in the sectors where we are active.

The customer utilization data presented in the first Infographic clearly show that the platform is heavily used by our customers. The integration of LIMS and ELN in one platform with the possibility to configure proprietary modules makes SLims very unique among our competition. The capacity to integrate every machine of a laboratory and the flexibility with which the platform handles big data clearly demonstrate that our teams of engineers in Ghent and Lausanne have developed an outstanding solution at the technological fore front of laboratory informatics.

Our clients do not just get a software when they acquire a SLims license. They invest in a Lab Companion. It’s an investment that creates extensive value for every user and for the lab. As a Lab Companion, SLims not only greatly facilitates the often tedious administrative work, it is a platform where any customer can easily build greater value with his work. It is a real Member of the Team that allows streamlining the whole lab organization, it frees up time and energy for every user to do more productive and relevant work.

Regarding the future of Genohm, we now want to build on these assets and achievements to grow the company further. We see three main axis of development, namely Next Generation Sequencing, Diagnostics and Biobanks. We see that SLims is very appreciated by NGS customers because of its facility to integrate machines and manage big data. We are developing a dedicated SLims-NGS to even better address this sector.

At Genohm we believe in Precision Medicine. Biobanks and Clinical Diagnostics are two of the pillars that will help drive the growth of Precision Medicine. It is therefore an easy decision to move the development of the company in the direction of these two sectors.”