Lausanne, 29.10.2015: the new SLims version 5.0 has been released.

Genohm has released the latest 5.0 version of SLims, its LIMS + ELN + order management platform. The new version has a fresh design that allows a more intuitive customer interaction. Among the many improvements, SLims now allows study management and linking records with externally-defined public-known ontologies.

Other new features have been added, namely in the simplified ELN module where attachment blocks are now normal attachment lists, moreover, blocks presently have a soft remove action similar to the remove content action. Binary search in attachments is enabled and the added Progress Bar in SLimsGate shows the advancement of a flow to the end-user.

On one side, the lifetime and complexity of passwords have been enhanced, on the other side, the size of dots of Label Templates can now be configured per label element in 2D barcodes.

It is now possible to export a selection of records to Excel as an action button is added to the selection menu. Results can be manually created in Contents Module without a protocol. It’s possible to select and copy a text within a grid and then paste it outside. SLims is now able to detect multiple activities on the same record, it can permanently remove derivations while removing parent content.