Lausanne, 15.05.2015: Genohm has released today its latest 4.7 version of SLims with improved features on login management, Excel import, SLimsGate shutdown and more.

The new features improving log-in management concern the locking of users after a configurable amount of failed logins. Now unlocking a user can be done directly from the Users module of SLims. In the same module, a mechanism is featured to terminate the session of a user. This is particularly important when using concurrent user licenses. A detailed entry feature has also been added to the history in the license module each time that a user tries to connect.

Excel import has also been improved with a feature allowing users to choose a key from a panel of options to identify records. The SLimsGate shutdown has a new feature that allows all flows to be finished before exiting the application. Finally, Slims now supports also Zebra label printers and has a redesigned rich text editor with an improved image insertion feature.