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July 14, 2015: Genohm is proud to announce that it has moved its HQ and R&D teams into new offices in Lausanne and Ghent to support its growing business.Learn more
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May 15, 2015: Genohm has released the new 4.7 version of SLims with improved features on login management, Excel import, SLimsGate shutdown and more.Learn more

Looking for a LIMS + ELN + order management solution? Working in a Biobank? In a R&D laboratory? With PCR or NGS? In diagnostic or clinical settings?

Read from Genohm’s CEO Frederik Decouttere why SLims is the right solution to digitize your lab.

At Genohm we believe that every scientist deserves to organize his digital data management system according to his own needs and matching closely his own laboratory workflows. We have established our expertise in software automation solutions covering LIMS + ELN + order management. Today, a wide range of international clients such as Biobanks, research (R&D) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) laboratories in Universities and hospitals, as well as Biotech companies trust our SLims platform.”

Frederik Decouttere, CEO of Genohm

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A complete, flexible and customizable LIMS + ELN + order management solution to digitize your laboratory.

With SLims, our team of software developers has created a flexible and customizable platform integrating a complete and compliant laboratory information management solutions (LIMS or BIMS for Biobanks) with an electronic lab notebook (ELN). It takes care of operations such as LIMS, sample management, ELN and order management in diagnostic, clinical, production and manufacturing settings.

As a connectivity platform, SLims supports and links different software, computers, barcode readers, label printers, sequencers, readers, all the relevant machines and instruments of your lab aggregating and consolidating all data, images or any kind of result generated. SLims fully automates all storage of samples and data as well as analysis and other kind of protocols in any workflow.

Still wondering if SLims is the right solution for you? Give us a call. Send us an email. Contact us through our social media pages. Our team of bio-engineers will answer all your questions and will show you why SLims is the right LIMS + ELN + order management solution for you.



SLims was built with flexibility in mind. Whatever setting your lab operates in, you can configure SLims to match it. It’s fully configured by you!


SLims has all you need for digitizing any lab 2.0 : sample & order management, electronic lab notebook (ELN), order management, integration with laboratory machines and computational workflows. And much more !


SLims has all you need to make your lab operation compliant ! Detailed history tracking, witnessing & approval and a fine grained security model. ISO9001? No problem. CFR 21 Part 11? Got it!

Easy to Use

Work like you are used to: spreadsheet style input, rich text fields and attach any files anywhere. You only need a web browser and configuration can be done without any further programming.
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Highlight: Working in a Biobank?

Read how a biobank integrated in a multi-center patient cohort benefits from the reliability of the LIMS + ELN features of SLims.

Today research biobanks are actively supporting the development of better disease characterizations for the standardization of disease diagnosis. By relying on the manifold LIMS + ELN features of SLims, they can easily manage multi-site sample collections and achieve data integration and verification.

Through a close follow-up of patients cohorts, research biobanks take a central role in long term, multi-center research projects. In support of research project and clinical studies, they build a repository of diverse research samples and accumulate resources for further analyses. They are to be able to achieve this thanks to the data and sample management systems displayed by the LIMS + ELN features of SLims.

The SLims platform exhibits a highly diverse set of useful features for biobanks. It allows users from an easy access for different players and straightforward patient anonymization and enrolment, to study planning. Repositories for diverse sets of samples as well as buildup of sample data and analysis results are facilitated.

SLims allows importation and search of results of questionnaires, it facilitates data monitoring, raising of queries and recording of data corrections; among other features, it provides data security and sample tracking.


Picture of human kidney cortex cross section (J. Reischig).

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